"Saints Row" Guide: Main Story Walkthrough

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Saints Row missions start as a single chain the splits into 3 different series of missions, one focusing on each faction in the game, before merging again to a single path. You can complete the branches in any order, but it is suggested you do them in this order; Westside Rollerz, Los Carnales and then the Vice Kings.

3rd Street Saints

  1. Canonized (New Game)
  2. Back to Basics
  3. Los Carnales Stronghold – Athos Bay
  4. Reclamation

Westside Rollerz

  1. Stacking the Deck
  2. Samson’s Surprise
  3. Pleasant View Storage Stronghold
  4. Guardian Angel
  5. Escort Service
  6. One Step Ahead
  7. Tidal Spring Apartments Stronghold
  8. Liberation
  9. Burying Evidence
  10. Cooperton Receiving Station Stronghold
  11. No Time to Mourn
  12. Price’s Mansion Stronghold
  13. Semi-Charmed Life

Los Carnales

  1. Crack Down
  2. The Missing Shipment
  3. Fox Drive Weapons Plant Stronghold
  4. Homeland Security
  5. Trojan Horse
  6. Stroughton Shipyard Stronghold
  7. McManus Says Hello
  8. Black Bottom Refinery Stronghold
  9. Meeting Orejuela
  10. Strength in Numbers
  11. Cecil Park Drug Lab Stronghold
  12. Possession With Intent
  13. Charlestown Warehouse Stronghold
  14. House Call
  15. What Goes Up

Vice Kings

  1. Aisha’s Favor
  2. To Kingdom Come
  3. Sunnyvale Loft Stronghold
  4. Always Use Protection
  5. Reinforcements
  6. Filmore Parking Garage Stronghold
  7. Best Laid Plans
  8. Abandoned Police Station Stronghold
  9. Green With Envy
  10. Third Street Vice Kings
  11. King’s Grocery Stronghold
  12. Round Peg Square Hole
  13. For King and Country
  14. Waterfront Rooftop Stronghold
  15. The King and I
  16. All the Kings Men

Third Street Saints (Final)

  1. Stuffing the Ballot
  2. Hail to the Chief
  3. Salting the Earth