Saints Row Guide Almost Finished!

Thanks to the concentrated effort in making sure the text portions of the guide are all available, before waiting to gather pictures and videos this time around, almost the entirety of Ron Hiller's Saints Row guide has been published.

The final portions to work on are just the CDs and Tagging locations, because they were originally integrated into the story walk-through. For the purpose of this version of the guide, since it is hosted as a full fledged web site as opposed to a text guide, it was deemed that these sections were better off being rebuilt separately, with links and notes to where in the story progression they can be found.

Note: After these sections are complete, work will begin on publishing Ron Hiller's guides for Saints Row 2 & 3. It will take some time to get additional imagery for Saints Row 1, and 2 might take some time as well, due to the need to use console capture devices we don't currently have available to us. Saints Row 2 does have a PC version, however it has been heavily derided as buggy and faulty and would not lead to a good representation of the console versions of the game.