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*Editor's note: This version list refers to the original text guide only, that this website is based off of, and does not reflect edits made in that transition.

Version 0.0 (October 27, 2008) 

Guide begun. Using one of my old guides as a template.

Version 0.1 (October 30, 2008) 

Completed all non-game specific stuff (References, Introduction, Conclusion, etc.), all CD collections, and some tags. Finished missions through Reclamation. Unknown size and pages (much of the template guide is still here).

Version 0.2 (November 3, 2008)

Finished all tag locations, completed the final layout of the guide (all sections in, though some are empty). Finished removing all vestiges of the template guide. Finished 11 missions and three strongholds. 82KB, 32 pages.

Version 0.3 (November 10, 2008) 

Added clothing stores, more activity descriptions, all achievements, controls, finished a lot of non-mission stuff. 165KB, 54 pages.

Version 0.4 (November 17, 2008) 

Added most of the rest of the stores. Write-ups complete for 21 missions and 9 strongholds. Finished most of the Activities write-ups. Various and sundry other items. 258KB, 81 pages.

Version 0.5 (November 23, 2008) 

All missions and strongholds finished. All activity write-ups completed. Finished many other items. Began a new profile and started the final run-through of the game using the order shown in the guide. 339KB, 109 pages.

Version 0.6 (November 30, 2008) 

Walkthrough section complete. 409KB, 133 pages.

Version 0.7 (December 3, 2008) 

All stores finished except Rim Job modifications (which won't be finished before this goes live). 479KB, 154 pages.

Version 0.8 (December 4, 2008)

 Table of Contents complete. You know you are getting close to done when you finish the T.O.C! 485KB, 154 pages. This now qualifies as  the largest guide I have ever written!

Version 1.0 (December 6, 2008) 

First version of guide is now complete. Submitted to GameFaqs for consideration. 494 KB, 156 pages.