"Saints Row" Guide: Theft

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Like Hostage, this diversion has no effect on your completion percentage, but it will earn you money and respect. There is no reward for completing theft (indeed, you cannot "complete" it at all), but after you deliver 30 boxes, you gain the Professional Thief Achievement.

Here is how it works. If you break into a store after hours (after 10 P.M.) you can go to the safe (usually in the back) and press Y to start opening it. Opening a safe is similar to painting a tag, you have to use the right stick to turn the combination lock. If you turn too far the whole thing starts over. Oh, and did I mention that the whole time you are messing around with the safe, your police wanted level is rising? Once you have the safe open, grab the box and load it into your truck (you need an SUV or truck for this activity, unless you want to slowly walk to the pawn shop). Then you will get a Pawn Shop icon on the map. Drop the box off in the icon, and you have completed a level of Theft.

You don't necessarily need to only take one box at a time, you could break into multiple stores before making a delivery. The number of boxes you can carry is limited by the vehicle you are using.

Not every store has a safe or a box. Generally, you are limited to clothing stores, jewelry stores, and the Friendly Fire stores. And the boxes are only in the safes during the off-business hours. During business hours, you will only get money from the safes. Finally, if you break into a store on consecutive nights, there will be a guard stationed at the store. So it's best not to pick the same store two nights in a row.