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Each clothing shop has a number of locations scattered around Stilwater. However, every shop of the same name has the same inventory, and you can only buy one of each item, so if you buy the purple Doo Rag from Sloppy Seconds in Sunnyvale Gardens, you cannot also buy it from the Sloppy Seconds in Harrowgate (it simply won't appear in the store's stock). 

It is possible to buy every clothing item in the game (single player), which will, in total, cost you $402,095.

 Note that the respect modifier is based on the amount it will change if you are not replacing anything. The actual numbers you see will be different if you are replacing one item with another (for example, if you are already wearing white short socks [respect modifier +10], and change them to black medium length socks [respect modifier +13], then the number you will see is +3).




There is only one jewelry store in the game (On Thin Ice), though it has multiple locations throughout Stilwater. Like clothing, all the locations have the same inventory, and you can only buy one of each item. The total cost to buy out the entire store is $314,020. Here is its list of items.

On Thin Ice


If you want to set up a custom play list, come here to buy your music. I'm not entirely sure where Volition got some of this stuff! 

Scratch That


Note that from this point on, the items available from the shops can be bought multiple times. There is no way to buy out these guys, so listing a total inventory cost is meaningless.

Brown Baggers

Hair Salon

What can you say about these. Go here to change your hairstyle. You can also change your eyebrows, mustache, and beard style here as well.

Do It Up

Shear Intensity

Car Dealers 

If you need a particular car and you just can't find it on the street, this is the place to come. Some of the rarer cars in the game can be found here, for a price.

Foreign Power

Plastic Surgeons

It's a flat $3,000 fee to visit the plastic surgeon, and you can change as much as you like while you are there for no additional cost. The options you have are the same as when you started the game (mostly, except for the hair options, which you need to visit the salons for).

Image As Designed

Fast Food

Go. Buy food. Eat.

Freckle Bitch's

Forgive and Forget

We don't need a breakdown for Forgive and Forget. There is no menu for this one in the game, you just drive through the little tunnel, and all wanted levels are removed (both for the police and gangs). This will cost you $100 per wanted level (so in theory, if you had 5 stars from the police and 5 stars from a rival gang, you could spend as much as $1,000 getting them removed).

Car Modifications 

Despite what you might hear on the radio, there is only one mechanic shop in the game, which is Rim Jobs. At Rim Jobs, you can repair your vehicle (the amount this will cost depends on the quality of the car and the amount of damage it has sustained, but generally it runs anywhere between $100 and $500 to repair a car). Once you have repaired a car, you can hit the Y button again to access the car's customization options. Not every car can have every modification, so I've listed the cars under each modification that can use them.

((Note: During the course of putting this together, I have noted that there are certain cars that have a modification with a non-standard cost. Because of this, I'm going to have to rethink how to put this chart together, so for now I am leaving it incomplete. I will complete this data with an update to this guide soon))

Rim Jobs


There are three theaters in Stilwater, the Max Visions Theater in Humbolt Park, the Peep This Theater in Rebadeaux, and The Big Picture Theater in Pleasant View. All of them provide the same service, and don't cost anything to use. You can replay any mission or stronghold from here, as well as cut scenes you see prior to missions, strongholds, or activities. There is the Volition logo movie that can be played from here (it's the same thing you see when you start up the game). You can also play the game credits from here.


"Cause it's fuckin' crazy out there!"

Friendly Fire

Tattoos & Body Mods

Nothing here in the way of piercings, but there is plenty of body art to be found. You can decorate up to eight body parts here. Have fun.

Rusty's Needle