"Saints Row" Guide: Pushbacks

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From time to time, a territory you have taken over will be subjected to a pushback, which is to say, the original gang that owned the territory will try and take it back from you. In actual fact, the territory will never be lost, it will just go into a state of perpetual gang war until you go in and kill the lieutenants.

As far as I can tell, this will happen only once per territory. Once you finish dealing with the pushback, the territory becomes yours forever. While a pushback is in progress, you no longer get money from controlling the territory, and of course you will run into lots of enemy gang members any time you enter the contested zone (and they won't be the passive kind, they will be actively shooting at you).

I won't describe pushbacks in the Walkthrough, since they are pretty much entirely random as to when they happen. When one occurs, I suggest you go ahead and deal with it when you get the chance (there is no rush, it won't go away until you handle it, other than the fact that you are losing $200 per day). Bring a good SMG with plenty of ammo and try not to get into gun battles with the goons. Your job is to go after those lieutenants and take them out as quickly as possible.