"Saints Row" Guide: The Plan (Walkthrough Overview)

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Before we get into the walkthrough, I want to go over the plan a bit. In a game as large as Saints Row, it's good to know where we are going to go before we get there. It's one thing to just go in blazing when you don't care about that final 100% number, but it's another if you want to see the magic 100% statistic on your info page.

So here's how I'm going to run this. We are going to vary between missions, strongholds, activities, tags, and CDs. Now, the latter 3 give game play advantages once you've completed them. So in order to enjoy those advantages in the late stages of the game (where they will come in most handy), we're going to go heavy on them toward the beginning and try to have them more or less finished by the time we've gone through about two thirds of the missions.

Note that every territory you control (or, more accurately, that the Saints control) gives you an extra $200 per day of income (so if you controlled four territories, you'd be receiving $800 per day), which accumulates in your crib in the stash. At first you will only be able to accumulate a maximum of $2,000 in your crib, but this accumulation will double per crib you own (so at the beginning, when you own only one crib, you will max out at $2,000, then $4,000 for two cribs, $8,000 for three cribs, and finally $16,000 for all four cribs). So be sure to empty it out from time to time. Otherwise you are not making the income you should be making.

You will start the game with one controlled territory (Mission Beach), so in theory you will begin by earning $200 per day. However, you won't actually own a crib until you finish the second mission (Back to Basics) so in fact you won't begin to accumulate any money until you get past that one.

I'm also going to run through each of the three story lines one at a time, starting with the Rollerz, then the Carnales, and saving the Vice Kings for last. It keeps the story continuity flowing nicely. It's a bit harder to follow when you are running all three stories at the same time.