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*Editor's note: This version list refers to the original text guide only, that this website is based off of, and does not reflect edits made in that transition.


I have to send out a huge thanks to Volition and THQ for putting out an amazing 
product. Some may have dismissed Saints Row as "just a GTA clone", but they are 
truly missing out on a great game. Great job, guys! I'm very much looking 
forward to firing up Saints Row 2 (and 3!) soon.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone who 
appears in the list of references and contributors below. The Saints Row 
community is an amazing one, due in no small part to these people.

Of course, I have to send out a thanks to my wife and children for putting up 
with my gaming addiction. You're the best, and "I love you more!"


No guide is an island. The compiling of the information contained within this 
document would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of 
the authors of the following references, for which I am duly grateful:

Note that where possible, I tried to use the real names of the authors. In 
cases where the author's real name was not available, their alias was used 
instead. If you are the author of one of the guides listed and would like to 
have your work credited under your real name, please contact me with the 
information and I will be happy to add it to this section.


Even before the first publishing of this guide, I had some help. The following 
people took time out of their lives to answer my silly questions, and I am 
grateful for their assistance. Note that if you are on this list and would like 
to change your alias to your real name, please contact me and I will be happy 
to update this information.

  • J1Memphis10 - Helped with real world car names 
  • Luke - Helped with real world car names 
  • SarDeliac - Helped with real world car names
  • zl Derek lz - Helped with real world car names