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*Editor's note: This version list refers to the original text guide only, that this website is based off of, and does not reflect edits made in that transition. To contact site editors, use the navigation links for the "Contact Us" page.

Feel free to contact me via email if you have questions, corrections, or additional information you think might be useful.

E-mail Contact: 

In order to get around my spam blocks, please format your subject line as follows:

[Saints Row 1 Guide] - "whatever subject is appropriate"

The bracket part ensures your message doesn't get dumped into my spam folder (where I will never see it, as a lot of spam mail gets dropped there on a daily basis). Also, please do not use "leet" speak. I failed that course in college and as such, will not be able understand what you are saying. I'll simply ignore any messages that I can't easily read (I have too many projects going on to spend time deciphering gibberish!)

I've done a couple of these guides now, and one thing I've noticed. The longer it has been since I've written a guide, the less chance there is I'm going to be able to help you with a question. It's simply a memory thing. If you fire off a question to me within six months or so since I wrote the guide, there's a good chance I can come up with an answer. Beyond that, it gets a lot more iffy that I'm going to remember anything useful. Just keep that in mind when you email me something. If you can't figure something out when you are right there playing the game, what makes you think I'm going to be able to figure it out a year after I've last played? I'll try to do my best, but don't expect any miracles, especially if it's been a long time since this guide was completed.

Don't send me your save games with requests that I finish something for you. I apologize for this in advance, but my schedule simply doesn't allow me to complete missions for other people. Regretfully, I will have to decline your request. You may send me save games (along with detailed directions) if there is something specific you think I need to see that is relevant for addition into the guide, but I won't be sending them back to you under any circumstances.

I WILL ignore any questions about cheat codes. Don't even ask. If you ask me a question where the answer is already found in the guide, I may or may not answer it, depends on my mood (and my work schedule). Otherwise, I should answer any questions or concerns you may have. All submissions and thoughts for improving the guide are encouraged and gratefully accepted. By all means, if you come across something I missed, please let me know about it as soon as you can so I can include it in the guide in future versions. All submissions will be credited to the first person that tells me about them (so be sure to let me know what name you want to be credited under along with your submission).


I am modifying my standard conditions of use template. Please read this if you are contemplating putting my guide on your site.

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1) The guide must be posted fully intact. The text of the guide may not be edited in any way. Formatting may be modified as required to fit with thestyle of the site if necessary.

2) The site posting the guide may not charge for use of the guide. This is guide is provided as a free service to the community. If you (the reader)were charged to look at this guide, please contact the author with the name of the site that charged the fee so that appropriate action can be taken.

3) Full credit must be given to the author at all times. This should be accomplished by simply leaving the text intact, as per guideline 1. However, if you have a page which has a list of guides of which this guide is one of them, it would be nice (but not required) if the author's name appeared with that list. Under no circumstances can any other person's name be attached to this guide as an author.

If you cannot satisfy all of these conditions for some reason, please feel free to contact me and we can work something out.

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