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A Little About Us:

Standard of Entertainment is a network of people who collaborate together on a number of various projects, the current and primary focus being video game guide development with Standard of Entertainment Guides.

Standard of Entertainment Guides is a team of video game fans who decided one day to start writing video game guides on a website, where anyone can use them for free. We aim to cover strategies and walkthroughs from every angle, providing pictures, maps, video playthroughs and the good old text to make sure you know how to get past whatever current boss or tricky platform has got you down.

Standard of Entertainment, Helping you get better at games to impress your mother.

Notice: All content hosted by us are either our own work, or have been hosted/updated/reformatted to their current state, with permissions from the original guide Author(s).

Guide Content Republished Here With Permission:

"Saints Row" - Ron Hiller
"Saints Row 2" - Ron Hiller